Other Passions
Furniture Making


I became a full fledged Corvette enthusiast when I worked part time for a Chevy dealership from 1978 to 1982. I can still remember sitting in the '78 Pace car in the showroom, I still have a soft spot for '78's. It took awhile to get one of my own, but it happened in 2000. Find more about my cars here.

Fine Art Photography

I purchased my first camera in 1980, a used Argus C44 rangefinder. In 1982 I purchased a couple of 4x5 cameras, a new Omega monorail and a used Wista field camera, both of which I still have and use. From those days forward I have totally immersed myself in everything photographic, from image capture to printing in the darkroom. In 2002 I received a small Olympus digital point and shoot camera from a friend and was instantly hooked. I purchased an Epson inkjet printer and by 2003 had closed my darkroom. I still use mainly 4x5 film capture, but the process from there is totally digital. Find more about my photography here.

Furniture Making

I have enjoyed working with wood since a very young age. I have designed and built many pieces of furniture in my home. including all of the cabinets.