My Cars

This is a shot of my 1991 ZR-1. This is my project car, it doesn't look like it from this picture, but it needs allot of work to get it where I would like it to be. I purchased it last August off of E-bay, I was kind of nervous buying a car sight unseen but the gentleman selling it turned out to be very honest and all worked out well. I will keep my 1991 ZR-1 blog updated with what I have accomplished in my spruce up and what I have left to do.

This is my 1997 coupe in the "50 years of Corvette Evolution Display" in Nashville last June at the Corvette 50th anniversary. I purchased my '97 in August of 2000, August is a good Corvette month for me. I was lucky enough to have this car chosen to represent 1997 in both the "Historic Motorama" and the "50 years of Corvette Evolution Display" so it is a special car for me.